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Dec. 31st, 2015


Happy new year, everyone!

2015 has been tough for me, and 2016 might be too but i realized that that's just how life is and whining won't help.

I learned and experienced a lot of things this 2015-good and bad. This time, I'll try not to blame anyone or anything, may it be life or fate, for the miseries, downfalls, and heart breaks i am to experience(!) I'm never prepared for anything, but yeaaahhhh hello 2016!


Sep. 27th, 2015

E for Excellent movie Heneral Luna!

Today we went to the cemetery where TJ was to be cremated. We were there for about two hours, more or less. I saw how he was burned to ashes, and was amazed at death once again. There were people watching how TJ went back to being an ash;and he won't even know it. There were people reminiscing about how stubborn he is/was, people showing interests and care about him...but he's gone now, and i thought of what good is it still that we talk about him now?
People care a lot once you're dead. Well, at least they care. I wonder how it would be if i were the one lying there with fires dancing about me, turning me to ashes.
Moving on, we went to +tacus after that and then went straight to ms tacus to watch Heneral Luna (2015).
It was a great movie!! 10/10 haha. I plan to buy the dvd copy of it (if they're to release one)
That's all for today ;A;

Sep. 24th, 2015

D for death and when i felt alive

Goodbye to my term goal: complete attendace. I don't regret it though!
Earlier this day, we went to the funeral of P's close friend. I realized a lot, a lot of things about life and death:
How when you die, you matter.
How death is amazing.
How it would be when you die;when you'll suddenly just disappear and wouldn't be even aware
There were tons, but these thoughts....
Anyway, i didn't attend school today because the visit drained me. Like my goal to complete my attendance didn't matter anymore. That there are far more better things i could be doing today yhan jist sit all day in the room and rot.
And, i was already late anyway.
I accompanied P to the /wet/ market to shop. It smelled death but i already started my day with a
dead so it didnt matter stepping on animal intestines anymore. yep it stinked, but my thoughts distracted me from it. The people there were great.
We then went to my sister to fetch her. We ate ice cream before it while talking about the departure of J-san then bought ice creams again.
We were stuck at the parking lot for almost an hour due to flat tire. We ate halo halo for a while then went home after.
My day didnt end with that, for we went to ms tacus to have my optical check up.
while waiting for my megane, we stopped by a bookstore and there, my sister and i bought books (p paid for it even though i initially planned to buy with my own okane. thanks) then we planned to watch a movie but:
~ i dont have ny glasses = i wont be able to appreciate the movie according to P
~imouto is not yet allowed for the other movies
so we had our dinner instead. We ate at kyoto kyoto  and the almost 1k fee was worth it!! Super busog hehe.
Then after that, i went back to EO to get my revamped megane. It feels so good to finally see things again!!! really (。>﹏<。)
We then went straight home;it was already 22:42
On our way home, we kept singing Eheads' Manila on repeat haha. What is lss? huehue
Rare good days that i felt alive where it started with death.

Aug. 19th, 2015

Read when you're about to give up (studies ver.)

stuDYING 2.0

I am so close to giving up, mainly because i can't keep up with everything...?

I thought about doing my best, but heck, all people ever do is to mention how bad you are at something, so why bother???

I thought about doing my best, and i actually did. Once, or twice. It felt nice. It felt great to pour a lot of effort into something, into whatever task you were given. Sure it's tiring, but when people appreciates it, it's worth it.

But people don't always appreciate the small things. Small thing like how you didn't have your good night sleep just for some task, small thing like how you had to sacrifice your time to finish something, small thing like how you tried your best to stay positive for some task, small things, small things.

So i thought about giving up.

I thought about giving. Once, twice, or thrice.

i thought about giving up. About my studies. About trying hard. About giving my best shot.

But then, along with that thought came the image of those children who can't even afford what i have even if they give their best shot. Along the thought of giving up, came the image of my mom working hard abroad just to give me what she didn't have;what she knows i need for my better future. Along the thought of giving up came the voices of the people who cheered, and cheers for me not to give up. Along the thought of giving up came the conviction that I should still strive and work hard.

I thought about giving up, but I realized that giving up won't satisfy me, nor anyone. It's a lose-lose.

Hence, i am thinking of giving it my all, again. Even if no one appreciates it. For i know that someday, someday, i hope, it will be paid off. (trying to be optimistic here haha)

Tomorrow, I will do better and surpass who i was today.

To you, my dear tomodachi, i hope you too won't give up ʕ•ٹ•ʔ I wish you great luck in whatever you're doing right now and in whatever your situation is right now~

love and cheers,
Jia ♡


Aug. 13th, 2015

Answer for question 4479.

Which has been your favorite birthday so far? What made it your favorite? How did you celebrate it?
I don't like growing old, I treat my birth date as a normal day, but I guess i actually feel happy inside whenever people i am close with celebrate it with and for me. Whenever my loved ones greet me, i feel happy inside. And i don't know when it started, but i'm actually looking forward to it now. I'm looking forward for my friends', messages huehue

Jul. 30th, 2015

photos to hunt you

additional photos from when i tried to portray Alice from wonderland and sucked bigtime:

(((just saving this here)))
i am very sorry for ruining your feed with this, sorry. orz OTL



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Earthquake drill

We had an earthquake drill earlier today. •̀.̫•


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